Printer woes

The following lines reflect my attempts to get my new printer to do my bidding.

Conditions held constant

Printer name

Lexmark E350d



Printer management software

CUPS 1.7.2

driver name settings output of lpoptions tray used result of printing a page
share over net color management trays duplex flash storage from okular from Firefox from shell with lp
Lexmark E350d en yes no 1+2 yes yes 160 MB copies=1 device-uri=usb:Lexmark/E350d?serial=62350RR finishings=3 job-hold-until=no-hold job-priority=50 job-sheets=none,none marker-change-time=0 number-up=1 ppd-timestamp=* printer-commands=ReportLevels printer-info='Lexmark Lexmark E350d' printer-is-accepting-jobs=true printer-is-colormanaged=false printer-make-and-model='Lexmark E350d' printer-state=3 printer-state-change-time=1448606941 printer-state-reasons=none printer-type=8425684 printer-uri-supported=ipp:localhost:631/printers/Lexmark_Lexmark_E350d sides=two-sided-long-edge Standard works (doesn't recognise re-filled tray though) as text works
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